Educating, Empowering, and Giving Hope to Aspirational Individuals


Saving Our Communities At Risk Through Educational Services (SOCARTES) strongly believes that challenges (e.g., tuition, transportation, past experiences) should not be a factor in an individual's ability to receive a quality education. Moreover, SOCARTES is committed to providing individuals access to personal development opportunities, which can lead to these individuals reaching their career potential and goals.

During the 5-year partnership with the Arlington County Detention Facility (ACDF) in Arlington, VA (started in October 2013), S. L. Young has taught over 500 inmates with approximately 150 earning certificates of completion in either "Introduction to Business - Overview," "Introduction to Business - Soft Skills," or "Life Skills Management." Moreover, almost 40 inmates in the Addiction, Corrections, and Treatment (ACT) Program participated in a non-certificate curriculum.

Furthermore, Mr. Young has spoken to hundreds of at-risk high school and college students about overcoming educational challenges --- based on his long educational journey from barely graduating high school to excelling to earn multiple degrees. These experiences drove him to educate, uplift, and inspire others as an educator (professor/community influencer/thought-leader).

About the Founder

Mr. Young received the "2018 Distinguished County Service Award" from Volunteer Arlington (a program of the Leadership Center for Excellence). This award is given to an individual or a group (through volunteerism) who has demonstrated outstanding commitment and care to Arlington, VA citizens.


SOCARTES was created to increase individual knowledge about business, life, and soft skills within at-risk communities, while also developing skills:

  • Belief
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Interpersonal
  • Negotiation
  • Planning
  • Time Management
  • And More...​

Strategic Direction


Target Audience Are Learners:

  • Who are non-traditional and/or underrepresented learners
  • Who want to obtain knowledge
  • Who believe college may not be an option
  • With past academic challenges
  • Who cannot afford college
  • With transportation challenges
  • With scheduling challenges
  • Who want continuing education
  • Who have had challenges connecting with classroom material

Operating Model

SOCARTES is an educational non-profit organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • SOCARTES is not a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, which is strategically done to minimize overhead costs.
  • Overhead costs are kept low via a licensing agreement with the founder's for-profit company (Beyond SPRH, LLC), which develops and provides most training materials complementary or at a minimal user fee.
    • Any individuals, organizations, or corporations that would like to become a sponsor of Beyond SPRH's material development costs should contact, Mr. Young at: info (at) beyondsprh.com.
  • The founder volunteers personal time and resources to teach classes and reach at-risk individuals in underserved communities.